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Dear You Camp Host,
If you would take 5 minutes to read this email I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed!
You Camp holidays are, as you know, becoming increasingly popular as a way for savvy and switched-on adventurers to have a holiday, explore and be as kind as possible to nature without spending a fortune. What a wonderful way to take time out!! And this is where you and your amazing property come in. You are bringing a little bit of joy into this stressed out world.
Here’s an idea and I’m not sure if this is for you, but there is another trend that is hitting the market. What is this? I bet you’re a little like me in that you are wanting to do what is right for our amazing environment. Just out of curiosity I’m wondering how much you know about bio-organic compost toilets? Did you know that these are a rapidly growing trend? You already know that your happy youcampers are interested and invested in nature because they are coming to your beautiful part of the world. Most people, in fact, because they want to do the right thing by nature are also interested in becoming ever more conscious of protecting our water resources and environment and wanting to reduce their environmental footprint - which I am guessing is exactly like you. I’m also guessing that up until now you haven’t got around to the idea of researching or utilising waterless toilets? Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs certainly loves, frequently advocates for and utilises this concept!!! He is a big fan.
Just imagine if you became known for not only your amazing property but also your dedication to nurturing and protecting our beautiful earth? That would be a huge bonus!! There are two types of people in this world – those who care about the environment and act on their convictions, and those who care about the environment and don’t act on their convictions. I’m guessing you really do care and you have acted and will continue to act to preserve our future generations’ inheritance. And before you make your mind up about the concept can I ask for a favour from you? Would you please check out my website, look at the amazing opportunities and then ring me for a chat about your options.
Don’t worry about getting in over your head – just remain open-minded, which I’m sure you are, and we’ll have a simple chat. Then we can open our conversation up as to what happens next.
To finish with I’d just like to let you know that our systems are either portable, permanent or semi-permanent and will fit any requirement. And as a final favour could you please take note of our amazing introductory offer on our GT Green-Loo. If you do this, I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed!!
In Earth Health,
Roland Schroeder
CEO Green-Loo

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