Eco - Let


  • Certified to Australian & New Zealand Standard 1546.2
  • 2 people full-time use / 4 people part-time use.
  • A convenient chamber screen is provided, so the inner compost chamber is not visible when the toilet is not in use.
  • More systems can be added as required, catering to larger families sizes and depending on the number of bathrooms in situ.
  • Reduces waste by over 90%, leaving behind nutrient rich, hygienically safe compost for disposal
  • Silent 12V fan and convenient drain system for any excess liquid
  • Easily connects to mains power or optional solar pack. See our 'Parts' page for our solar power kit.
  • Two batch composting system allows for maximum capacity
  • Designed for easy installation using common handyman tools
  • Modern soft-closing toilet seat and elegant design to fit any décor
  • Urine Separating version available for $1,550.00

The water-less EcoLet compost toilet is a self-contained composting toilet system designed for use where running water is not readily accessible. A silent fan increases air-flow within the system and generates enhanced evaporation capacity. Increased air-flow combined with microbiological activity establishes ideal conditions for efficient break-down of the contents and guarantee completely odour-free operation.

An appealing design and simplicity of use make the Eco Let a great choice for any location. The aerobic decomposition and evaporation functions reduce human waste to a hygienically-safe material that can be recycled back to nature without polluting the environment.

Rated at 2 people full-time use and 4 people part-time use. 

The EcoLet is supplied with two exchangeable composting bins, a small 12 volt fan & transformer. Equipped with a convenient drain tube, the EcoLet drains off any excess liquids not evaporated (or separated in case of the urine separation model) to be dispersed via a gravel filled dispersal trench.

Its proven batch composting system combined with constant air circulation proves an excellent solution to almost any situation. A very appealing design and simplicity of use, makes the EcoLet a great choice!

The Eco Let is easy to install by anyone with basic handyman knowledge in just a couple hours with common handyman tools.

Dimensions: 740mm x 400mm x 635mm.

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