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There are many reasons one would add an 'outhouse' in a domestic situation. May be you are unable to modify the 'bones' of a house because you are renting. May be the type of construction of your house makes it impractical or too expensive to retrofit. May be you are looking to add a toilet to the shed or yard. Or may be you are simply looking to increase your 'seating options' at home. Whatever the reasons, Green Loo has a stylish solution to suit.

Green Loo toilet buildings are usually delivered in kit form. Most of our buildings can accommodate all our dry toilet models: Oz Loo if it is is erected at floor level, or Green Loo GT System and Rota Loo if the buildings is elevated or the composting receptacles are installed below floor level (Enviro-Loo). 

All wooden buildings are made from the beautiful, light and Termite resistant Western Red Cedar which can be painted, or finished with timber stains such as Cedar Shield for added protection. Prices don't include freight or assembly, if applicable.


1284 mm wide x 1800 mm deep x 2300 mm high. The Windsor comes on a pallet and in kit form. Made from beautiful, termite resistant Cedar with a Colorbond roof, it ships unfinished / unpainted.  


Optional Extras for the Windsor available are:

Opening window $186.00
Skylight $68.00
Wooden Floor $179.00
Heavy Duty Floor (includes wooden floor) $339.00

Elevation Kit $987.00/$1,129.00 (GT 120 / GT 330 compatible)
The Elevation Kit elevates the Windsor to make this ideal for split system Composting Toilets. There is a standard elevation kit which is compatible with the GT 120 and an extra height kit for the large volume capable GT 330.The kit includes a Heavy Duty wooden floor as standard. Steps are mounted on steel supports.


The Willow is constructed out of a weather-resistant resin with steel reinforcement, providing durability as well as giving your yard extra style with its excellent wood-like texture. The Willow also has a heavy-duty floor panel, built-in ventilation, window and a secondary door that provides increased accessibility. It is available in Taupe or Brown

1295 wide x 1890 mm deep x 2165 mm high.


“I don't think that architecture is only about shelter. It should
be able to excite you, to calm you, to make you think"

Zaha Hadid                        

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