Batch is Better - 

Why the GT 120 and GT 330 Systems

are best

See below a point by point analysis why we believe the GT Batch Composting systems are superior to continuous composting systems (the Clivus Multrum being the best known), and indeed are the best composting toilet system on the market today.

However, don't just take our word for it. Items indexed with * are taken from the publication: Your Home – Waterless Toilets - an Australian Government Publication


Continuous Composting System
Batch Composting (GL and GT Systems)



33% - 84% cheaper

Option to increase capacity if needed?

No - you are stuck with the capacity purchased

Yes - Easy increase of capacity by adding extra containers - double capacity with one extra container

Allows for seasonal fluctuations in usage?

Compost pile can become compacted when there is a sudden increase in usage (shock loading) *

Yes - Ideal for dealing with shock loading.

Problems easily rectified?

No - One large system means the whole system is down should a problem occur (like insect infestation or compaction) *

Yes - easy exchange of single container, should a problem occur. Set aside, compost, empty, hose out and start afresh.

Flexibility of pedestal installation? (if more than one pedestal)

No - pedestals have to be close together/adjacent

Yes - Pedestals can be situated freely and where convenient


Expensive shipping of bulky system

Space saving and inexpensive shipping

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