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ChemiSanTM is a microbiological formulation that can, break down human fecal matter and turn it into an environementally-friendly, odorless humus.

ChemiSan-30-appsHow ChemiSan Works

The combination of micro-organisms contained in the ChemiSanTM powder is activated when brought into contact with human fecal matter. The ChemiSanTM bacteria literally consume the human waste. Within hours after application, odors are reduced.

How ChemiSan is Available and How It Can Be Used

ChemiSanTM is available in bulk for latrines and portable sanitation units. It also comes in individual-use half-ounce (28.3g) packets that can be used with GottaGoTM biodegradable toilet waste bags and with the Waterless GottaGoToiletTM.

For use by an individual, a GottaGoTM waste bag is placed on the ground or over the toilet opening. The person defecates into the bag. The ChemiSanTM powder is sprinkled into the bag. The bag is sealed and buried or disposed of properly. The fecal matter inside the bag decomposes into an environmentally-friendly, odorless humus.  The bag itself decomposes and is also compostable. Research indicates that ChemiSanTM reduces many of the dangerous pathogens in human waste.

How ChemiSanTM is Made

ChemiSanTM is manufactured to the highest standards using a state of the art fermentation process and groundbreaking technology.