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Military Field Uses


millitaryGetting rid of human waste is a huge challenge for virtually every military operation. Whether a thousand troops or a lone platoon, soldiers need a place "to go" that doesn't require extra effort or time. It needs to be sanitary for them and for those who come after them.

TM is a microbiological and chemical formulation. In just a matter of days, it can break down human waste into an environmentally-friendly humus. ChemiSanTM powder is available in bulk for use in latrines and portable sanitation units. It also comes in individual packets for use with the Waterless GottaGoToiletTM.

The Waterless GottaGoToilet
Ruggedly constructed to hold a soldier up to 275-lbs (125kg), the Waterless GottaGoToilet
TM is made of super strong, double-walled paperboard and can be used and reused many times when taken care of properly. It comes folded 13"x 2"x 15" (33 x 5 x 38cm) in a heavy zip storage bag and weighs only two pounds (.9kg). It fits compactly into a military vehicle or soldier's pack and is only 2" high (5cm) when flattened. The toilet can be assembled in seconds. Since it is in one piece, there are no parts to lose or tools needed.

Each toilet is treated with a special moisture-resistant coating that helps repel water and protects it from the elements. The toilet comes with seven 100% biodegradable and compostable bags that have been approved by NATO Armed Forces. In an emergency situation, the Waterless GottaGoToile
TMt can be burned for fuel. It is a safe, no-hassle way for a soldier to do what comes naturally.