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Emergency and Disaster


"In tropical climates with lots of rain and flooding, wells and water supplies are easily
contaminated by human waste seeping and flowing into them. In Honduras, Hurricane Mitch
alone wiped out 85,000 latrines that ended up polluting the water systems." (WHO)

The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that approximately 2 billion people were affected by natural or technological disasters between 1990-1999. Windstorms claimed the largest proportion of lives (35%) while floods accounted for the largest portion of people affected (75%).

EmergencyTsunami’s, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and even the lack of water can have a devastating effect on world health. When Nature unleashes its fury, human waste can easily contaminate wells and water systems. ChemiSan™ products can be shipped or airlifted in for an immediate impact in helping prevent sickness and disease. And since ChemiSan products need no outside water to implement the decomposition of human waste, precious water is saved.

ChemiSan is available in bulk for latrines and portable sanitation units. It also comes in individual-use one-ounce (28.3g) packets that can be used with GottaGo™ biodegradable toilet waste bags and with the Waterless GottaGoToilet™. For use by an individual, a GottaGo wasted bag is placed on the ground or over the toilet opening. The person defecates into the bag. The ChemiSan powder is sprinkled into the bag. The bag is sealed and buried or disposed of properly. In just a few days, the fecal matter inside the bag decomposes into an environmentally-firendly, odorless humus. Days later, the bag itself decomposes and is 100% compostable. Research indicates that ChemiSan reduces many of the dangerous pathogens in human waste.