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Family Camping

The contamination of our soil and water related to outdoor recreation is an acute problem. Our national parks and recreation areas are under an environmental assault. In research compiled in "Wildlife Recreation and Human Waste" (A. Climberg et al), some sobering facts were presented:camping
  • Bacteria were present at most "cathole" sites at least one year after burial.
  • 44.9% of samples collected at sites downstream from high recreation use areas and 17.2% of samples collected downstream from low recreational use areas contained giardia cysts.
ChemiSanTM is great for outdoor and back country use. Its use can help protect the environment and those who enjoy it. ChemiSanTM is available in bulk powder for latrines and portable sanitation units. It also comes in individual one ounce (28.3g) packets that can be used with biodegradable GottaGoTM waste bags and with the Waterless GottaGoToiletTM.

Simply place a biodegradable bag over the GottaGoToilet
TM opening. After use, the person seals the bag and disposes of it properly or buries it. In just a few days, the human waste decomposes. Then, after a few more days, the biodegradable bag decomposes leaving behind an earth-friendly humus.

The Waterless GottaGoToilet can be easily packed inside a backpack. Weighing only two pounds (.9kg), it folds down to a compact 13" x 2" x 15" (33 x 5 x 38cm) and can support a person up to 275-lbs (125kg). Constructed of rugged, corrugated paperboard which has been treated with a moisture-resistant coating, the GottaGoToilet can be used again and again when cared for properly. Each GottaGoToilet comes with 8 100% biodegradable and copostable waste bags. Chemisan individual packets are also available.